About Us

We’ve made it! We’ve arrived! We’re here! 

Our Story

A meal is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why we try only to use top-quality organic and artisanal ingredients from local suppliers in each of our menu options.

Here, ancient customs and future trends coexist, and the intricacies of Mexican culture are shared with the world.

Inspired by our Founders Rosario and Tebo’s mission to share Mexican and French culture through food, La Canopée reflects the depth, richness, and vibrancy of Mexico’s diverse culinary traditions in a modern, fast-casual setting.

Hand-crafted Decor

650m² of handcrafted with wood rescued from the Mayan jungle.

Cozy Place

Regular events to feed your mind, body, and spirit.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our tropical oasis away from the crowds.

Our Specialties

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NYUS Toasted Bread with Grape

Bread / Cream / Grape

NYUS Cheesy Fruits Cake

Cake / Fruits / Cheese


Meet The Team of NYUS.

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Tony Gordon

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